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  • COVID-19 update

    We are open as normal sessions. Please check your Tapestry account for more information.
  • About Us

    About Us

    Our Lady’s Pre-school is on the grounds of St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School. We are a Catholic Pre-school linked to Our Lady of the Assumption Church on The Hill, Northfleet. Although Catholic we welcome all other Faiths and Communities into our Pre-school.

  • Term Dates

    Term Dates

    • 6th September – 22nd October
    • 1st November – 17th December
    • 4th January – 11th February
    • 21st February – 28th March
    • 19th April – 27th May
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    Our Lady's Pre-School Northfleet

    Springhead Road, Northfleet,
    Kent, DA11 9QZ

    01474 365 877


  • 2023.02.06

    Last week…

    The children really enjoyed last week learning about the body and oral hygiene. They learnt what an  x-ray of a skeleton looks like and all of our bone names. We talked about how our bodies work and how our organs...
  • 2023.01.30

    Music week

    Music week. The children enjoyed a wide variety of music. They listened to different genres from around the world and played their home made instruments. During music time we played loudly, softly and practiced playing in time with the beat....
  • 2023.01.20

    Exploring the Ice Age

    This last few weeks the children have been learning about the Ice Age and Arctic animals. They have enjoyed playing with Ice, looking at how it melts and how temperature affects it. A science experiment with frozen arctic animals and...