Ages and Learning

“The wider range of possibilities we offer children, the more intense will be their motivations and the richer their experiences”

Loris Malaguzzi

2-Year Olds

At the age of two coming to pre-school can be an exciting yet challenging experience. It may be the first time you are leaving your two years old. We will work alongside you and your child to help settle them into pre-school and give them all the support they need. Allowing them to grow and develop as creative little beings.

Your child’s key person will be able to recognise their needs and interests and allow them to explore and become imaginative learning as they grow.

At some point before your child is three the key person will undertake a ‘two year check’. This will be shared with you the parent/carer and will be kept in the child’s learning journey.

​3/4 Year olds

At the age of three and four your children are little scientists. They can lead their own learning and already have some friends. They are independant and love to learn about their world around them.

During this time the key person will be creating a learning journey with evidence of what makes your child tick, how they like to learn and what they may need support with. Observations are carried out on a regular basis and planned activities are given for your child to extend their learning and help them to progress. There will be parents sessions about your child and a great opportunity to share information.


Whether it be a transition to another setting or transition to Prinary school, at Our Lady’s we feel this is very important to help the child with their journey. Feeling secure, safe and happy is something we srtive on and hope by working with parents, other schools and settings we can send the children on their way feeling confident that they will feel safe and scure in their new setting environment. We work with these other settings by creating books, visuals, arranging visits and dressing up in uniform all to help the child’s well-being. ​

Special Educational Needs (SEN)

If your child has any additional needs before they start we can discuss those and put any relevant support in place before they start. If you are unsure or we feel a child may benefit from extra support, we will always discuss this with you. We have many ways of supporting additional needs. Working with the parents is key to the support of your child. We have close links with the local authority and can gain support from specialists such as speach and language, Portage, specialist teachers amongst others. We would never access any of these services without your permission. We pride ourselves on working with you and your child to give them the best support possible and to help them make progress and achieve their targets.