• 2023.05.22

    Week 5

    Last week the children really enjoyed learning about Bees and the importance of them in nature. They watched some clips about Bee keeping and honey, played games and created their own Bumble Bees.
  • 2023.05.10

    Coronation week

    The children really enjoyed learning about the Coronation of King Charles III. We enjoyed many activities with a royal theme and on Friday we enjoyed a celebration during the morning and the afternoon.
  • 2023.04.24

    First week back

    We welcomed all of the children back for the Summer term. The new starters settled in nicely. We learnt about our planet and the importance of recycling.
  • 2023.03.31

    Last week of term

    The children have been watching their beans and vegetables grow. What they found is that the bean in the dark still grew but the colour of it was different to the bean that grew in the light. Both beans are very healthy and growing strong. We will plant these outside...
  • 2023.03.31

    Spring week

    This week we are still looking at growing and Spring time. Last week, the children enjoyed a science experiment. They planted beans and we left one out in the daylight and the other in the dark cupboard. They have started to grow.
  • 2023.03.20

    Last week

    This week the children are still using their story telling skills and acting out stories and even creating their own. This is just amazing. Early reading helps support curiosity and stimulates imagination leading to role play and developing things like problem solving and empathy.
  • 2023.03.03

    Book Week

    Well this week was book week and it was very successful.  The children really enjoyed exploring new books, creating their own stories and acting out stories in imaginary play. This has really helped their language development and story telling.
  • 2023.02.22

    Week 6 People we love

    The week before half term the children talked about people they love and care about in their family. Some made cards and love hearts to give to someone they love.  
  • 2023.02.22

    Week 5

    The children really enjoyed last week learning about the body and oral hygiene. They learnt what an  x-ray of a skeleton looks like and all of our bone names. We talked about how our bodies work and how our organs are important to us. This led to lots of discussions...
  • 2023.02.22

    Exploring the Ice Age week 3

    This last few weeks the children have been learning about the Ice Age and Arctic animals. They have enjoyed playing with Ice, looking at how it melts and how temperature affects it. A science experiment with frozen arctic animals and exploring snow and how the animals live and play in...
  • 2023.02.22

    Music week 4

    Music week. The children enjoyed a wide variety of music. They listened to different genres from around the world and played their home made instruments. During music time we played loudly, softly and practiced playing in time with the beat. It was noisy at times but the children had great...
  • 2023.01.10

    COVID-19 update

    We are open as normal sessions. Please check your Tapestry account for more information.